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Effective Home Remedies For Weight Loss

An increase in body weight is due to the deposition of huge amount of fat in the adipose tissue. It can affect any individual and people who overeat and live an inactive life are more prone to it. An increase in weight can lead to serious diseases in the body like diabetes, blood pressure, sleeping problems, depression. The major factors leading to increase in weight are overeating, intake of high calorie food, sedentary life, hereditary, stress and depression etc.

Symptoms include an increase in weight compared to normal range, popping out of belly etc. Numerous home remedies have been found to be very useful in reducing the body weight.

Effective Home Remedies For Weight Loss

Food Habits And Lifestyle

Increase in body weight is mainly due to over eating so, it is very important to monitor this factor for weight reduction. It is necessary for an individual to shift from high calorie food to fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not eat salt or sugar with it.

Vegetables like tomato and cucumber provide the required nutrition and water content to the body. They are low calorie food and also help in filling the stomach. Include a lot of salads in the meals preferably with mint. Eating of raw or cooked cabbage helps to reduce the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fats.

It is important to avoid oily, fatty and fried foods, carbonated beverages and soft drinks, ice cream and chocolates, whole milk, butter, cheese, rice and potatoes. These help in adding extra calories to the body. In addition to monitoring food habits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle also helps to reduce weight. Exercising and walking after dinner should be must. Avoid skipping meals; rather eat many low calorie meals.

Empty Stomach Remedies

One of the oldest remedy for weight loss is drinking a glass of warm water containing lemon juice and a spoon of honey every morning in an empty stomach. This should be done on a daily basis for about 3-4 months to see the results. Horse gram seeds also help to reduce weight.

You need to soak a spoon of horse gram seeds in water and leave it overnight. Drink this solution the next morning in an empty stomach, and continue doing it for some time to observe the results in few weeks. Eating of one or two ripe tomatoes in an empty stomach also helps in weight reduction or weight loss. Tomatoes reduce the level of cholesterol and also dissolve the excessive fat.

Black Pepper

Black pepper not only adds taste to the food but also helps in burning of excessive body fat. A mixture made up of half teaspoon black pepper, 3 spoons lemon juice and a spoon of honey in warm water helps to burn fat. Black pepper can be added to prepared food and soups.

Tulsi Leaves

A paste of tulsi leaves added to warm water containing a spoon of honey also helps to reduce the fatin the body.

Apple Cidar Vinegar

Few spoons of apple cidar vinegar added to a jug of water and taken few times in a day help to reduce weight. This vinegar increases the metabolism of the body and hence enhances the burning of unwanted fats from the body.

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