Accidents with teenagers: what responsibility and who is to blame?

The situation when a driver hits a person, and especially a teenager, is very stressful and, as a rule, the perpetrators of accidents do not know what to do and how to act in such accidents. The main thing here is not to do anything stupid, because the responsibility for such offenses is serious, up to criminal. In this article, we tell you about the penalties in 2021 for hitting a teenager, and consider the situations in court practice, which occur most often on our roads.

Accidents involving teenagers: what to do in the first place?

In such a situation, the first thing to do is:

  • after hitting a teenager immediately stop, do not move the vehicle, turn on the emergency alarm and exhibit the emergency stop sign,
  • provide first aid to the victim,
  • call an ambulance and the police,
  • If the situation for the injured teenager is critical, it is necessary to take him quickly to the nearest hospital, on a passing or own transport,
  • if you have taken the victim to the hospital, you should immediately return to the place of the accident.

This, by the way, also applies to moms and dads – they should not be allowed to grab, lift the hit kid until the medics arrive. Yes, in their state of shock, it is difficult to do it, but you should try.

Are there differences if a teenager or an adult is run over?

First, let’s determine by what parameters we will compare such accidents.

For example:

  • harsher punishment,
  • more severe damage to the health of teenagers,
  • A larger amount of compensation in court.
  • Let us consider all of these consequences in order.

Injury hazard

It is said about children that their bodies are not yet strong. This expression is more accurate than ever in describing the difference between a collision with an adult and a teenager. If, other things being equal, a man in a collision with the car can get only bruises and abrasions, a teenager in this case may get a fracture.

Injuries in children affected by cars are much more common than in adults and often have a more serious severity. Here the reason also lies in the fact that when hitting a car, the primary and most powerful blow children receive to vital organs – the level of the hood or bumper of a passenger car often falls on the torso or even the head, if the child is small.

Who is at fault in such accidents with teenagers?

It entirely depends on the specific situation in the accident, the causal relationship in the violations of all road users and the possibility of avoiding a hit-and-run.

Let’s look at the most common cases on the roads involving children.

In a crosswalk

Crosswalks, particularly unregulated crosswalks, are the places of greatest danger to children. Pedestrians need to make sure the crossing is safe, and teenagers most often ignore this. They need to get to the other side of the road and that’s it… They can walk, they can run, they can ride a scooter or rollerblades.

If even at first glance it seems like it was the teenager’s own fault for running out into the crosswalk almost in front of the car, that version won’t hold up in court. In all likelihood, the driver will be found at fault if the hit-and-run occurred while turning, and guilty of hitting the teenager. In that case, it would be a teen driving accident.

If adults failed to follow a teenager

Parents are responsible for underage children, especially young children, and when on the road, it is their responsibility to keep an eye on their teens. It’s in their best interest, because if an accident happens, it’s their teenager who gets hurt.

As I stated above, the person who is at fault for the accident is the one whose violation caused the accident. So if it’s proven that the teenager ran out onto the road because he wasn’t being watched, then the parents will be held responsible. That’s if it didn’t happen in a crosswalk, and if the car driver had no other violations.

If a teenager ran across in a wrong place

In this case, there is no fault of the driver in the accident, but this does not mean that he will not incur any responsibility. Civil law establishes special conditions of liability.

If the teenager himself hit the car

Such cases, in fact, are not uncommon. Especially in yards where there are a lot of parked cars.

And it is that rare case in the type of accident we are considering, when the parents of the teenager will pay for everything. Provided it is possible to see and find out who rammed the car. In this case, the damage caused to the car will be subject to compensation, and there will be no moral damage, because in this case, the car does not act as a source of increased danger.

But if all this happens when the car is on the road, there is no way to avoid paying compensation.

What to do if the teen ran away?

It all depends on the situation in which it happened.

If the driver was at fault in the collision between the teenager and the car, or may be found guilty, then simply leaving the scene of the accident, you can lose your license. What to do in such a situation? First of all, you need to call the police and explain that the teenager ran away, and then act as directed by officers.

If your parked car was damaged, then you need to look for the villain and witnesses to what happened. Cameras that can be installed on houses or in entrance intercoms can help.

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