5 Major Side Effects Of Nail Biting

Nail biting is a common habit that affects people of any age. It is a bad habit, which may result due to a number of different factors. Some people may not be even aware that they have developed the habit of nail biting because they might bite their nails unconsciously.

Common Causes Of Nail Biting

People may develop the habit of biting their nails due to several different reasons. Some people may develop this bad habit due to boredom, anxiety, stress, or other mental and emotional disorders. Depression and obsessive compulsive disorders are the two common mental disorders that may lead to compulsive nail biting.

Although, nail biting appears to be harmless, it can lead to several side-effects on the affected individuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nail biting is unhygienic and can contribute in spreading germs from the fingernails. There are many other side effects of nail biting habit. It is a wise option to quit this habit as soon as possible. Some of the most common side effects of compulsive nail biting have been given below in brief.

5 Major Side Effects Of Nail Biting

Nail Biting Can Result In Nail Deformation

When you unconsciously bite your nail, you not only tear a part of your nail but also cause great damage to the underlying nail bed. In the long run, nail biting may lead to severe damage to the nail, which usually causes nail deformity. Deformed nail bed looks very dirty and odd. You may not be able to grow long nails if you do not give up nail biting habit.

Nail Biting Can Lead To Red And Sore Fingertips

If you have the habit of biting your nails on and off, then you will notice that after the nail biting episode your fingertips will turn red and sore. Burning or stinging sensation can be experienced at the affected site.

Severe Pain Can Be Caused Due To Nail Biting Habit

If you consistently and compulsively bite your nails, then your nails will turn shorter and shorter. A time will come soon when the area of skin that is concealed by the nail gets exposed. If you continue to bite your nail then the cuticles will also be eaten away and you may experience severe pain.

Nail Biting Can Lead To Infections

Nail biting not only ruins the beauty and appearance of your nails but also causes skin infections. A skin infection known as paronychia is the most common infection that may result due to nail biting. Microorganisms usually enter the crevice of your nail because the skin around the nail gets torn off by nail biting. This often leads to a bacterial or fungal infection leading to acute or chronic paronychia.

Nail Biting Can Cause Dental Problems

Compulsive nail biting causes the front teeth to get worn out and the teeth become cracked and chipped. If the roots of your teeth become too short due to nail biting habit, then they may also fall out. You may also cut your gums while chewing your nails, which will allow the bacteria to enter the injured gum. Apart from causing damage to your teeth, nail biting can also lead to gingivitis.

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