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Those who are looking for EHR solutions can opt for RTasks which is sold by ResiDex. This is a web-based software that is user-friendly and is designed for assisted living facilities. This software can help assisted living or group homes manage their activities and resources. It helps capture the demographics of such locations and integrate healthcare facilities with such homes or residences.

How to Create an Account on RTasks?

If you wish to create an account on this software platform you need to do the following:

  • One can choose the module or service that one wants to try or purchase.
  • They can use the Support option to get in touch with the sales specialists of the team.
  • One can understand the different price plans of the system and ask for a customized price proposal as per one’s requirement.
  • Once the plan is chosen and finalized one can then sign up by signing the contract.
  • After that one’s business account is created with a unique password and username.

Steps to Log in

Once a customer account is created one can do the following:

  • Customers will receive a link to visit the login page of RTasks.
  • Here the login panel will open up.
  • They need to key in the username and password provided before pressing the Login button.

There is a helpful link provided below the login button that allows customers to access help when they are unable to log in to their account.

Features of this software

The platform has several features and functionalities such as,

  • Resident profiling is an option that allows setting up individual resident profiles with their service plans, health care, and medication details.
  • Clinical functions allow users to document and customize assessments as well as appointments, manage medication as well and reconcile orders of physicians.
  • Nurses can receive feedback on this system. They can also complete charts, update medical records, and monitor the vital signs of patients.
  • Staff who are involved in direct care can get their instructions via the platform. They can access procedures and policies via the system as well as get prompts when vital signs are low or high for the patients.
  • RTasks has reporting capabilities that allow documents to be ready for printing or viewing as well as generate special or quick turnaround reports.

Besides the above the software platform allows users to manage their activities, monitor medication control, and allow managers to communicate with nurses directly. It also includes a Snap messaging feature. There are integrated clock and e-fax features as well as billing systems built. The product comes with a starting price of $1000 and there is no free trial available.

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