PaychekPlus Login

Those who get their paychecks via Paychek can avail the PaychekPlus. The card helps users easily make purchases and online transactions. All they need to do is activate the card before they can access their pay using the card. It helps them access one’s pay without incurring any fees. There are many cashback offers when one makes purchases using this card.

The main highlight is the convenience of being able to withdraw cash at any ATM or bank where fees are waived for the first transaction.

How to Login

This can be done by the following steps:

  • Visit the website:
  • Click on the option for login for first-time users.
  • Here one is prompted to enter the 16-digit card number that is on the PaychekPlus card.
  • One is then guided to set up their online account.
  • This includes choosing a 4-digit PIN.
  • One can also choose to sign up for related alerts.
  • Once the login details are created you can bookmark the page.

When you log in again there are helpful links to reset the password or username of your account, in case you have not remembered the details.

Other ways to access the PaychekPlus account

There are other ways to activate one’s PaychekPlus card such as by using the phone:

  • All one needs to do is call the toll-free number provided on the back of one’s card.
  • This will help them get in touch with customer care personnel. He or she then guides the user in activating their card.
  • Card users are asked to provide details such as their date of birth and the last four digits of one’s social security number.
  • After that one can set up the PIN for using their PaychekPlus card.

Features of using PaychekPlus card account

Once a user has logged into their online account he or she can do the following:

  • Transfer funds to bank accounts.
  • Manage different aspects of one’s card account such as viewing recent transactions, account balance, monthly transactions, and statements as well and account history.
  • It is also possible to change the PIN of one’s card.
  • Once logged into one’s account it is possible to update address and other personal information.

Similar features are also available on the mobile app. Once one logs into their account, he or she can view the balance, and account details including transactions and other details. It also becomes easier to transfer funds on the go, using the mobile app.

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