Fleetmatics Reveal Login

Fleetmatics refers to a vehicle tracking system, a brand that has established itself in the telematics industry. Today Fleetmatics helps track about 1.8 million and more vehicles. The brand offers fleet management and tracking in the form of software and mobile applications.

Its sister companies are Telogis and Verizon Telematics. Together they are also known as Verizon Connect. The main company headquarters are in Ireland. Today it is a name that many companies and individual customers can rely upon for fleet management. The company offers web-based as well as mobile solutions for fleet operators who can track their vehicles’ location, speed, mileage, and fuel usage.

The Technology behind Fleetmatics Reveal

This ELD technology has come a long way to help track and monitor vehicles, especially for commercial and logistics industries. Verizon Connect Reveal is considered a top-notch vendor in the technology behind electronic logging devices. That is, they offer hardware as well as software options. The benefits that they provide are the following:

  • By partnering with this company customers can sync all vehicle engines and their driving timelines.
  • More accurate recording of hours of service.
  • Largest among ELD providers.
  • Drivers can use their GPS fleet tracking software and systems.
  • Their solutions are cost-effective and web-based.

How to Log in

Before one logs into the Reveal portal he or she needs to have an account on this platform. If one has not created an account yet they need to contact the administrator. The company then assigns a user profile to the customer.

The steps to log in are as follows:

  • Visit the login portal at fleetmatics.com/login.aspx.
  • Here you will find the login panel on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Start by entering your username; this is usually the email address.
  • The second field requires users to key in their account password.
  • Upon clicking on Login one is redirected to the account page.

Once a user is logged in he or she is redirected to their account page.

How to Set up an Account?

To have an account on this portal a customer or a company’s account is created first by the administrator. A primary user is created as the primary Reveal contact. A user profile is created for him or her. After that, the account can be activated in the following way:

  • Once a user account is created a welcome link is set to the user.
  • User can click on the link for setting up a password.
  • This redirects user to their account page; here they can choose a password for their account; it needs to be at least 8 characters long.
  • Once the password is confirmed and set a verification code is sent to the user’s email.
  • Upon verifying the link one’s account is verified and set up on the Fleetmatics Reveal portal.

Besides the primary user, this platform allows the registration of multiple users under a single company or customer account.

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