Emory Evantage Login

Emory is a healthcare institution, one that provides treatment as well as runs a university. It is the largest organization in healthcare in Georgia. Emory Evantage refers to the healthcare facilities or the medical treatment that the company provides. It is a self-management portal that offers several advantages. Patients who log into the portal can manage their health better by accessing medical treatment and tools of high quality.

Besides the patient healthcare portal, the platform also offers student facilities. That is, there is a separate portal for medical students and interns. Those who are enrolled in different courses can check into their account and monitor their course progress. Again, there is separate access provided to staff and teachers. Whether one is linked to hospice administration or teaching, there is access provided securely to all such personnel. Emory Healthcare has offices globally. The eEvantage portal acts as an integrated network for all offices and facilities.

It is an authentication platform where access is provided to different facilities and personnel. Emory has multiple web platforms as well as applications. These pertain to Emory Healthcare as well as to Emory University.

It is what all employees of Emory Healthcare access to know about their benefits and pay details. The page also handles all payments of patients enrolled in the system. Employees are asked to log into the portal and update their contact details. Here they will find all details of their employment as well as training schedules. Other work-related information or assignments are also listed on the employee portal. This portal acts as the virtual desktop for all Emory employees. It also includes professors and other teaching personnel of the university.

How to Login

Those who are registering as personnel or students at Emory University need to do the following:

  • Visit the registration page of Emory University here: Emory University registration page.
  • Here there is an option to create an account via Emory login.
  • One needs to enter their NetID as provided to them at the time of recruitment or enrollment.
  • Once the ID as well as password are keyed in the registration process is initiated.
  • In case there are queries during the registration process one needs to contact the service desk or the call center as per the toll-free number provided.

As evident, whether one is an employee, student, or patient, they need to have an ID and password that is provided to them by the admin personnel of Emory. Only then can they access their account on the platform.

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