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It is a US company that was formed in 1999. Can be considered a foremost brand in the technology and system of tracking fleets of vehicles. It was the go-to brand for managing transportation on one’s own. The company’s operations are not the same as a shipping company. It is more of a load board for managing transportation for the customers themselves.

At the time the company was formed the transportation industry was relying on paper, phones, and faxes. With its connection system, it helped create a central database. It became an efficient and cost-effective way for customers to track vehicles on hire as well as get their fleets on a systematic tracking setup.

Its Features and What it Offers

Highlights of Central Dispatch are the following:

  • It is an online marketplace that connects transport dealers, brokers as well as auctions, and manufacturers.
  • It can help track and monitor vehicles of different categories.
  • Shippers of North America can transport vehicles using the access of over 16000 carriers that this network offers.
  • Ease of use of the portal is another advantage. Carriers can track all kinds of information using their account on the Central Dispatch portal.
  • Those who are members can search for vehicles and get complete information on them. They can also get details of any company that is part of the Central Dispatch system. It includes contact information, insurance, ICC MC Number, equipment, references, and others.

How to Sign up

Anyone who wishes to avail of services and information on this online marketplace can form an account here. All they need to do are the following steps:

  • Viet the page: https://www.centraldispatch.com/signup/.
  • Here choose the type of business and enter the company name.
  • Once one confirms their email they can continue to enter other details.
  • The website offers a monthly subscription plan for users to sign up and use the services for this platform.

Steps to Log into One’s Account

These are as follows:

On the login page, one can save their username for future login sessions. However, they do need to key in their password every time. Also, if one forgets their username or password there are links to reset these details.

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