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The oldest public employ union in Alaska is the Alaska Public Employs Association/AFT.  It was first established in 1955 as the Alaska State Employs Association with the goal of influencing the Alaska Legislature’s decisions regarding state employ compensation and benefits. The Public Employment Relations Act, passed by the Alaska Legislature in 1972, gave state and local government employs the ability to band together and crate unions in order to bargain over pay, working conditions, and other aspects of their jobs.

Logging into APEA involves a few easy steps.  All you need is your special username and password, a device (like a laptop, PC, or smartphone), and an internet connection.

How to Login

We always consider the answer to the question, “How do I log in?” once we have all the necessities.

  • To log into your new account, visit the APEA website.
  • Please enter your password and username in the appropriate sections.
  • All you have to do to get on the platform is click “enter.”
  • This is the account for you. Have fun on your new adventure with this incredible platform.

APEA Forgot Password

You won’t have to worry if you ever lose your password.  The login page provides a convenient way to reset passwords.  Follow the directions to carry out this process further. Go to the official website https://www.apea.com/account/password/reset/ , and register using your email address. After the required information has been entered, select “Search”.

Remember that your email address and account should be linked. You receive an email from the company, if applicable. Select “Reset Password” to create a new one after that. You can quickly log back into your APEA account in a matter of minutes.

APEA Legal Services Benefit

Eligible Residents If you belong to any of the following bargaining units, you are eligible for this benefit:

  • Employees of Nome Joint Utilities
  • Unit of State Supervisory
  • Association of State Confidential Employees
  • Crafts and Trades Workers in Alaska Higher Education
  • Employees of Fairbanks North Star Borough Association
  • Staff of APEA-AFT
  • Juneau Education Support Personnel
  • Mental Health Practitioners in Juneau
  • Teachers’ Federation of Valdez

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