What are Cetane Boosters and what are their Advantages?

You may have heard of cetane boosters before but for many it is unclear what their purpose really is and the advantages of using them on your car, van, lorry, motorbike or other vehicle. Cetane boosters are specifically for diesel vehicles and can have a positive impact on the inner workings of your fuel system and engine.

To put it simply, cetane is a component of diesel fuel that makes it easier to ignite. The higher the percentage, the quicker the fuel ignites in the cylinder. The quicker the fuel ignites, the better the engine runs. Cetane should be used in moderation, this is because as the cetane concentration increases, the diluted diesel cannot deliver as much energy. As a result, the engine power and efficiency begin to decrease. Taking the correct steps to ensure you are using the correct amount of cetane will enhance engine performance. Too much cetane or not enough cetane, will reduce its efficiency and impact the fuel economy and power.

A cetane number is how you can tell how much cetane is in a given diesel fuel. The higher the number, the higher the cetane concentration. For petrol companies to add cetane to their diesel it costs money which is something they would rather avoid with it being such a competitive market.

Most modern diesel engines run at their optimum with the diesel fuel having a cetane number of 48 to 50. In Europe, the current standard is a minimum cetane number of 51. It is possible to purchase fuel with higher octane ratings and some you find will have a rating of high as 60.

Less is Potentially More

Both petrol engines and diesel engines are designed to work optimally with fuel that has a specific octane or cetane rating. If the rating of the fuel is too low, you get performance issues in both kinds of engines.

Say your engine requires 43 cetane and you want to make it better, why not add more? This is where the confusion often lies. In both types of engines, using fuel in excess of what the engine requires isn’t going to have a noticeable positive impact. Perhaps you may gain some very minor improvements to the way the engine runs but that being said, you are also going to be paying more money for the fuel so is it really worth it? Probably not.

The main advice is to pay close attention to what your engine manufacturer recommends, and if you’re already using a fuel booster that meets the requirements of the vehicle, save your money and continue to use this. If you are not yet using a cetane booster then do some research and find one that is a match for your vehicle and engine to keep it running at its peak performance.

Choosing a Cetane Booster for your Vehicle

As we have mentioned above, always follow the guidelines. The market is full of different types and brands of cetane booster all boasting that they are the best. Have a look at the reviews of the product as well as the company you are looking to buy from. Choosing a company which is experienced and knowledgeable will benefit you in many ways, especially if you are not the most knowledgeable when it comes to automobiles and all things engines. They will be able to advise you on which product is the most appropriate for your vehicle. The most important thing is that you walk away with the correct cetane booster for your car or vehicle so you can continue to drive with peace of mind.

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