How to Make a Logo Online

How can manufacturers win the hearts of customers, in a world of progress and a huge number of companies that produce the same products? How to stand out among the mass of competitors and stay in the memory of your customers even after the purchase? Your logo will help you with this. With the help of a corporate identity, a business shows its individuality and forms an idea of customers about what a business really is. The logo should reflect the qualities that the brand embodies, as well as inspire confidence from both customers and partners.

The main functions of the logo

  • A warranty function that allows the buyer of products to make a decision about the quality of the product and make a purchase at one glance at the company’s logo. In the perception of society, products that have a logo are perceived better than products that do not have a logo.
  • Assistance in advertising and marketing. The logo often becomes a key element of advertising messages (with the exception of audio ads). It can and should be placed on all advertising products: on leaflets, signs, business cards, etc.
  • Customer’s trust. Makes the company, its products or services more recognizable, creates a positive business image, and increases the level of loyalty and trust of the audience.

That’s why it’s worth paying enough attention to its creation because such a small image performs such large and important functions.

How to create a logo online

Of course, the perfect logo should be created by a whole team of marketers. But not every entrepreneur has such an opportunity. What to do if you need to quickly and independently create a logo online? In this case, you can turn to numerous designers and generators on the Internet. But how to choose from a variety of programs the most convenient and functional? There is no universal answer to this question. We will tell you about popular services from which you can choose the right one for you.

  • Turbologo. The service contains a wide base of icons and fonts. A distinctive feature is the ability to set the main key elements when creating a logo, which will be further taken into account in the online designer when forming. Everything is more organized here, so you can create a logo faster. First you choose the main color, then the icon, after which you can proceed to the main part. In addition, you can choose a logo with or without a frame, choose a font for the title and slogan.
  • Canva. The collection of Canva templates features free logos and emblems in a variety of styles. It is based on working with ready-made templates, thanks to which you can master working in the program in a few minutes, even if you have not previously worked in professional graphic editors. The downside is that the service has an extended paid subscription, a restriction on Cyrillic fonts and additional paid elements.
  • GraphicSprings. This generator is not as popular as many of its analogues due to limited language support and small functionality. Nevertheless, it is very easy to work with and has the ability to create truly original content that is unlike anything around. Logo development will not take more than 5-10 minutes. If you need to quickly build an unusual logo – GraphicSprings is at your service.

The main advantage of online services is the creation of an original logo in a matter of minutes at low prices.


The logo is the central element of the corporate identity of the company and the foundation on which the brand itself is built. The perfect logo does not age, it is for all time. Give up overly decorated options. The design should be moderately restrained, but interesting and memorable. The most important thing is to maintain the quality of your brand’s services so that consumers can be confident in your brand.

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