9 Amazing Tricks To Try At Home For The Perfect Hair

9 Amazing Homemade Tricks For Perfect Hair

Hair Care can be a tricky business on a normal day. A little change in diet or daily habits can have a huge effect on your hair. Not to mention the multiple near-impossible goals we want our sensitive tresses to achieve. But worry not, we got you covered.

The secret tricks in this article are definitely gonna help you get that luxuriously voluminous, bouncy and glossy hair, perfect for hair flips and all-day good hair days.

One of the most important things to keep your hair from falling and dying is your shampoo. As menial and common it may sound, your shampoo plays an important role in your hair care. Select products which are sulphate free and paraben-free, they are not too harsh on you and don’t strip away those natural oils because they are important.

 9 Amazing Homemade Tricks For Perfect Hair

1.   Mayonnaise As a Hair Mask and Conditioner

As cringe and gross it may look at first glance, a lot of food we eat is a big help in repairing your hair. Our hair needs a lot of soft, creamy things to maintain its shine and softness. Mayonnaise with its creaminess makes up for a great conditioner or just a good pampering mask.

How to Apply Mayonnaise Mask?

Apply it from your mid-length to your ends and leave it for a good 5 minutes as a conditioner and 20 minutes as a mask. Use a hair cap to lock all the moisture in and wash your hair as normal after. You can see the mask affecting your hair after the first wash.

 2.   Use Aloe-vera Gel For Hair Growth

  Ain’t nothing like a good organic, home-grown or store-bought aloe-vera gel. As healthy as it is for our body to consume aloe vera in Juice form or whatnot, and our skin to apply aloe-vera mixed in different ingredients as a face mask, it’s equally healthy for your hair as well. Aloe-vera is really coming out as superior to everything else.

Now, Aloe-vera can be included in our hair-care routine in a multitude of ways.

How to Apply Aloe-vera to Your Hair?

The easiest way you can do it is to take your hair oil which you apply to your hair on a general basis and mix aloe-vera together and keep it for 30 minutes. Shampoo and conditioner like normal after.

Aloe-vera with its anti-bacterial and healing properties keeps dandruff miles away from your scalp and keeps your hair healthy.

3. Use Curd or Yoghurt Mask For Shiny Hair

Curd is another one of those basic things that can take your hair two levels up. With all the fermentation and good bacteria in curd, it makes your hair grow better, gives you silky strands and makes them shiny.

How To Apply Curd Mask on Hair?

Applying curd or plain yoghurt to your hair is the simplest task ever. Whip your curd to make it into a smooth paste. You can also mix aloe-vera to it if you have it handy and just massage it into your skull and apply it like a conditioner to the rest of your hair. Leave it in for 40 minutes and then continue with your hair-wash routine as it is.

I guess now you have understood How to Apply Curd On Hair correctly.

4.  Onion Juice Mask For Healthy Hair

As gross and stinky onion in your hair seems, it is not. The tearful onion does have its better parts after all. Onion can double your hair growth with just a few uses. Nowadays you get shampoos and conditioners already infused with onion extracts. But nothing is as good as a natural and direct application to your hair. The question arises how?

How to Apply Onion Juice to your Hair?

Applying onion to your hair is a very easy task. For mid-length hair, grind up one big onion in a blender and squeeze the juice out with a strainer. Now, you can either mix the onion juice with your hair oil and leave it as a mask or you can use it as a conditioner after shampoo and rinse it 5 minutes later.

Both the ways work like magic and reduce dandruff in two washes. I guess now you have understood how to apply onion juice on hair correctly.

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5.  Using Green Tea For Strong Hair

While green tea is all good for increasing body metabolism, it contains Catechins and antioxidants which prevent cell damage and keep your scalp healthy

Now you can use shampoos or conditioners with green tea in them OR you can create your own two-step, two-ingredient conditioner.

How to Apply Green Tea in Hair?

Just make your normal green tea by boiling water and green tea leaves or with a tea-bag if you don’t have the leaves (Although leaves would be preferred due to them not being heavily processed). Cool it down to normal room temperature and rinse and massage your hair with the tea in your freshly washed scalp.

You can use it twice a week if not more and there are no limits on the amount of green tea you use either.

6. Using Egg Masks For Shiny Hair

Applying eggs on hair can be a stinky business but it is one of the healthiest ways to rejuvenate your head-locks. Eggs have a wide variety of vitamin Bs and biotin in them to help you fight a lot of your hair problems at once.

How to Make and Apply An Egg Mask?

Eggs can be applied in numerous ways but the easiest of them is to just beat an egg or two- depending on your hair length- and to just apply It thoroughly on your scalp and the rest of your hair. Tie them in a bun, put a hair cap on to lock all that moisture in and rinse after the general 30-35 minutes.

Now, eggs can be on the smellier side and may not appeal to a number of people. You can solve this by using a few drops of fragrant essential oils like lavender or jasmine into the mask. This will help cover the unpleasant smell.

7.   Rice Water Rinse For Getting Rid of Frizzy Hair

Rice, according to common knowledge, has a large amount of starch and carbohydrates in it.  It may or may not be good for your health, but it is definitely good for your hair.

How to Apply Rice Water to Your Hair?

Soak up a tablespoon and a half of rice at night in water nicely. Leave it soaked for 12 hours or more. You can even store this in a bottle for a week in your refrigerator. Shampoo and condition your hair like normal and wash your conditioner with this fermented rice water.

This will not only reduce hair fall but increase your hair growth and for straightened hair as well .

8.  Applying Fenugreek Seed Mask For Hair Repair

Fenugreek seeds have a huge amount of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Magnesium in it. It has numerous other nutrients which play a major role in your Health and Hair care.

How to Apply Fenugreek Mask in Your Hair?

This is a similar process to rice water rinse, Soak these seeds up for 12 hours or more and boil them in the same water the next day. Strain the water and put it in a spray bottle.

Spray it on your hair, massage it nicely into your scalp and tie your hair in a bun afterwards. Keep it for 30-35 minutes and do your normal hair wash routine.

This will not only make your hair grow faster but give you than sheen and volume every girl craves.

9. Using Lemon Juice and Oil Mask For Dandruff

Lemon Juice with all its citrusy goodness, helps give our hair that extra freshness and also tackles your dandruff for you. Incorporating it with Oil gives you that extra Shine and softness which you will see after one wash

How to Apply Lemon Mask to Your Hair?

It’s a two-step process that goes a long way to help you. Just squeeze out one lemon and mix it into your general hair oil. Mix them and apply them to your scalp and hair length. Keep this in your hair for a maximum of 40 minutes and wash your hair as normal.

Wrapping Up:

Who thought normal things like mayonnaise could work their magic on our hair, but they surprisingly do. These tips and tricks are all-natural, organic and without any side effects. These will definitely help you find that shine, volume and fight dandruff and frizziness for you.  The ingredients above are usually present in every house-hold or can be easily sourced. Let us know how these tricks work out for you guys. Until then, toodles!

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